Why Is Arizona Bail Reform So Important?

Why Is Arizona Bail Reform So Important

Why Is Arizona Bail Reform So Important?

Over the last few years, more states have implemented new bail reform measures than ever before. While Arizona has passed a few new measures, the bail system hasn’t changed all that much. If you are charged with a felony or misdemeanor and are facing jailtime, call our office right way and talk to one of our experienced Arizona criminal lawyers.

Conviction Rates are Much Higher for Defendants in Jail

One of the big problems about the current bail system is that some people get stuck in jail for months on end. Unfortunately, the people who remain in jail to go to court is still high. In fact, in a study done in 2018, experts found that the people stuck in jail pending trial risk carrying additional felony charges against them. They could get into a fight with another inmate or officer. They could get so frustrated that they simply say whatever it takes to cut a deal. They’ll plead guilty rather than staying in jail another day.

There is Unfair Bias Against the Poor

One of the main reasons for bail reform is that the system is designed for people with money. For the defendants who have nothing, even a moderate bail of $500 is too much. It may as well be a million dollars. By staying in jail waiting for trial, so many of these offenders end up committing a substantial crime in jail. There’s nothing your Arizona criminal lawyer can do about that other than support you while you wait it out. Of course, this doesn’t mean your Arizona criminal lawyer will lay down and accept your fate. Instead, they’re going to speak to the prosecutor and try to get the charges reduced. If that isn’t possible, they can file a motion for bail reconsideration.

Recidivism Rates Skyrocket for Those Held in Jail

Because of the current bail system in Arizona, there are thousands of defendants holed up in jail pending trial. In a study done a couple of years ago in Maricopa County, they found that people who had spent just 4 days jail after their arrest were 49% more likely to commit a subsequent crime within a year of their release. While these people were in jail, they met hard core criminals who taught them how to be better criminals. For those unlucky criminal defendants who had to spend a month or longer in jail pending trial, there was a recidivism rate of 78% as compared to those defendants who didn’t spend any time in jail. Rather than have you suffer the same fate, you need to talk to an experienced Arizona criminal lawyer right away.

Talk to an Arizona Criminal Lawyer Right Away

If you’re arrested for a serious crime in Arizona, the last thing you’ll want to do is sit behind bars waiting for trial. Arizona criminal lawyers do their best to keep their clients out of jail. Unfortunately, that isn’t always possible. Whether you’ve been booked on a misdemeanor or felony, you could end up in jail pending trial. Your attorney’s goal is to keep you out of jail while you’re waiting to go to trial. While other states are going through bail reform, Arizona isn’t quite there yet.

Rather than try to fight to remain free pending your trial, call and speak with an Arizona criminal lawyer. They know the law and the rules regarding bail. Depending on your criminal history and the nature of your crime, you may be able to avoid pre-trial detention.