The Stigma Surrounding Sex Crimes in Arizona

The Stigma Surrounding Sex Crimes in Arizona

The stigma of a sex crime allegation can follow someone for decades. With social media and almost round-the-clock media coverage on a national and local scale, many Arizona communities have been shaken by sex crime allegations. Allegations however comes with quite a bit of trouble. Many in the general public are quick to make a decision about the guilt or innocence of the accused based on the publicity of the allegation.

People who have been accused of sex crimes such as rape, assault, molestation, and either indecent exposure may find themselves subject to treatment from others that otherwise would be absolutely unacceptable. But, because the community sees them as guilty, they’re treated as such.

Lifelong Stigma

The sex offender databases are easily accessible and available online for anyone to locate and review. This is where homeowners, parents, and those who provide services to Children such as daycare centers, can scope out where the best location for them is. They are able to see the residential locations of local sex offenders and steer clear of the area.

Being a registered sex offender often means that the person was found guilty of a sex crime. However, there are many people who talk throughout the community and can call today a lifelong stigma for someone simply accused of a sex crime.

What the #MeToo Movement Did for Many

Through a Morning Consult poll people showed equal concern over mistreatment or sexual abuse in workplaces, as they were about people facing false allegations. Now over 60% of men are afraid to work above or mentor women. There’s also this idea that some accused should “fall on their sword” to support or revive the #MeToo movement.

There’s no movement that should ever call for an innocent person to take a guilty conviction to further its purpose. Any movement that has a purpose can use the purpose of true victims and assess or pursue action against actual perpetrators. If you’re accused of a sex crime that you did not commit, falling on a sword shouldn’t even be a thought.

Sex crimes have always had a unique trial-by-public-opinion element, even before trial-by-media was a well-known term. This movement has pushed many people into thinking that they should just plead guilty when, in fact, they were innocent. Aside from the MeToo movement, the person must push forward in their life, battling their criminal charges and the surrounding community.
Defending Yourself Against Sex Crime Allegations

Sex crime allegations lead to unprecedented stigma, and some of it is unavoidable. However, you can fight to defend yourself against undue jail time, fines, and the possibility of joining the sex offender registry. Ensure that you have a sturdy defense because every sex crime allegation is extremely serious.

If you’re the subject of a sex crime allegation, don’t hesitate to involve an experienced Arizona criminal trial attorney. A defense against sex crimes may be to attempt to prove that you had no connection to the crime, that the alleged act was consensual, or that the allegation is outright false. Working alongside an Arizona criminal trial attorney can help you gain a better understanding of your charges and the potential legal complication of the upcoming case.

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