Property Crime in Arizona

Property Crime in Arizona

In Arizona, a property crime can include robbery, burglary, or both grand and petty theft. In legal terms, theft involves taking another person’s property illegally, regardless of its value or any ancillary criminal charges. Unfortunately, property criminal law is complex and often difficult to understand.

If you are charged with a property crime, you should contact knowledgeable Arizona criminal defense lawyers right away. They can help you navigate this state’s maze-like criminal justice system and possibly avoid conviction for criminal charges.

Property Crimes in Arizona

Arizona’s criminal codes classify several different types of property crimes. You can be charged with one or multiple property crimes simultaneously. These crimes include:

  • Criminal trespassing, which comes in three degrees (with first degree being the most severe and carrying the harshest penalties). Criminal trespassing involves knowingly entering or staying unlawfully on another person’s property
  • Burglary, which also comes in three degrees. Some burglary charges are felonies, and the degree of the charge is dependent on whether a weapon or deadly instrument was used in the process of stealing property
  • Arson, which involves specific offenses like reckless burning, arson of an occupied structure, or arson of an unoccupied structure or property
  • Vandalism and criminal damage. This involves knowingly damaging or defacing the property of another person, including graffiti, egging, and more

Arizona Property Crime Penalties

If you are convicted of a property crime in Arizona, you could face a variety of penalties based on the seriousness of the charges levied against you and the circumstances of your arrest. Penalties for property crimes include:

  • Fines of between $500 and $2500 or more
  • Jail time ranging from as little as 30 days all the way up to five years or more

The nature of the penalties you may face, and their severity, will depend on a wide variety of factors. For example, accused individuals with prior convictions usually face higher fines or the potential for more jail time. Other factors that may affect the penalties you could face include:

  • How much damage was done to the property in question
  • Whether a weapon was shown during or before the offense
  • If the offense was aggravated or included bodily assault
  • And so on

It’s imperative that you contact educated criminal defense attorneys that can work with you to form the strongest case possible to present at your court trial.

Arizona Property Crime Defenses

It can be difficult or impossible to successfully defend yourself against property crime charges without sufficient legal expertise and an in-depth understanding of Arizona’s legal system. The prosecution will pull out all the stops to convict you – don’t handicap your defense efforts by attempting to represent yourself or handle your case alone.

Arizona criminal defense lawyers can assist by crafting and implementing a variety of defensive strategies you can use for your trial. These include:

  • Proving that you could not have been at the area where the crime took place
  • Showing reasonable doubt regarding motives, physical evidence, and more
  • Pointing out flaws in the police work that may have led to your arrest and criminal charges
  • And more

No matter what your arresting officer might’ve said, or how the situation looks, no criminal case is closed and shut. There are always ways to enact effective defenses and secure either lower or no convictions for your charges.

Ultimately, each Arizona criminal defense legal team has its own strategy. But you should contact them right away so you can get started on an effective defense ASAP.
You don’t want years of your life taken away for property defense charges. Contact Arizona criminal defense lawyers today.