Moving from One State to Another After an Arizona DUI

moving from one state to another after an arizona dui

Moving from One State to Another after an Arizona DUI

You never know where life is going to take you and how the decisions you make right now will impact your future. Being convicted of driving under the influence can certainly complicate things and make you wonder about major future changes. Moving from one state to another after an Arizona DUI is one such change.

Is it possible to relocate in the aftermath of a DUI conviction and how will your new life be impacted? Can you move out of state for the purpose of avoiding the DUI consequences? These are important questions that you’ll need to address before planning such a major life change.

Relocating to a New State after the DUI Conviction

If you want to leave Arizona shortly after you’ve been convicted of driving under the influences, you will have to acquaint yourself with a number of legal issues.

Very often, people who face DUI charges will enter into an agreement with the prosecution that involves a probation period. The terms of the probation will have to be observed, otherwise the legal consequences can be expected to get serious.

If you get arrested in another state or you commit a new DUI, you will be violating the probation terms. A relocation does not provide a clean slate for you to be reckless. A new violation will be reported back to Arizona (or another state where the original DUI was committed). Thus, you may get yourself in serious trouble. In addition, a relocation may be completely impossible under the terms of the probation.

In case you haven’t participated in a court hearing yet, you may be free to move to another state. Still, you will have to go back to Arizona for the court process. The court maintains jurisdiction of the case, regardless of your current location.

Keep in mind that first time misdemeanor offenders may have their legal representative in court without appearing in person. For more serious offenses, however, this kind of leniency is not going to apply.

The best thing to do is to communicate the expected move to your DUI attorney. An Arizona DUI lawyer will give you sound advice about relocating to another state, whether it could complicate legal processes or violate the terms of your probation. In some situations, it may be worth postponing the move a few months in order to deal with all legal steps and avoid future complications.

Can Your Arizona DUI Affect Your Life in a New State?

The fact that you have crossed the Arizona border doesn’t mean you’re leaving the DUI conviction behind.

A DUI conviction is posted as a part of your criminal record. This record will follow you, no matter where you go. You should also be aware of the fact that the driver’s license suspension that comes with an Arizona DUI conviction is going to follow you. Once the terms of the Arizona suspension have been fulfilled, the limitation will be cleared up.

moving from one state to another after an arizona duiYour DUI record may affect your ability to get affordable insurance in your new state of residence. This consequence isn’t going to be affected by your move.

Another key thing to keep in mind is that you may face more serious consequences for a new DUI that you commit in another state.

Arizona and most states are a part of the Intestate Drivers’ License Compact. Information about DUI arrests is shared between the member states. The only exceptions are Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Tennessee and Massachusetts.

A subsequent DUI you commit in a new state is not going to be examined as a first-time offense. Rather, your previous history will be taken in consideration and you could potentially be committing a felony this time around. It would be wise to consult an experienced lawyer before moving from one state to another after an Arizona DUI.

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