Manslaughter Charges in Arizona

manslaughter charges

Manslaughter Charges in Arizona

manslaughter chargesThere is no such thing as voluntary or involuntary manslaughter in Arizona. It is either negligent homicide or manslaughter.

Arizona law has broad definitions of manslaughter, with numerous possible scenarios. They can include the following situations:

  • Intentionally assisting another person in committing suicide – Assisted suicide is illegal in most states, including Arizona. Even if it was performed by medically trained professionals, who own a license. In Arizona, this is considered manslaughter (no matter the fact if it is done by a medically trained individual).
  • Intentionally or knowingly killing someone after an adequate provocation – Such murders are done during quarrels or in the heat of passion. In this case, the murder was not planned but resulted because of the quarreling.
  • Intentionally killing another person while someone else forced you to do so – In case of a threat from a third person or use of immediate unlawful deadly force which a reasonable person would not be able to oppose.
  • Reckless cause of death of another individual
  • Murdering an unborn child by injuring or killing the mother – There are a few exceptions to this option that protects doctors who perform authorized abortions, give medical services on the mother or the child and the mother of the unborn child.

Negligent Homicide in Arizona

This is quite similar to manslaughter. There are usually two scenarios for this charge. The first one involves homicide caused in a motor crash, where the driver kills another person. The second scenario happens when children die in an accident; in such a case, it was the parent’s liability for not acting more protective and observant.

Manslaughter Penalties in Arizona

Manslaughter or Class 2 felony contains many factors that will affect the final sentence of the convict, such as previous felonies, whether the manslaughter charge is a dangerous crime that occurs when a deadly weapon was used to kill the other person.

There are several possible sentencing ranges:

  • Mitigated sentence – 3 years
  • Minimum sentence – 4 years
  • Presumptive sentence – 5 years
  • Maximum sentence – 10 years
  • Aggravated sentence – 12.5 years

Negligent homicide or Class 4 felony can bring you at least one to eight years in jail, including restitution, fines, and driver’s license suspension.

You face manslaughter charges – What now?

Killing another person is the most serious crime you can do and be accused of under the Arizona law. Such cases are not a joke, and you better have an excellent violent crime attorney; otherwise, things will not go well for you.

Every violent crime in the state of Arizona carries rigid penalties. Of course, the first one is prison time, but high fines as well. Every violent crime in Arizona is considered a felony offense. The consequences in such cases are not going to be light or easy. This especially goes for the convict who used a deadly weapon to injure or take someone’s life.

Besides time in jail and high fines, the convict will have a permanent criminal record; such records are easily accessible in any school or work institution. The record will limit the opportunities for career and education. This is why if you were involved in such a crime, you need a seriously good and knowledgeable lawyer who will represent you court and get you the best possible outcome.

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